Dismantling a Tesco Store, Mansfield

Key Facts

Partial Dismantling, Live store Mansfield
5 Weeks

Partial Dismantling, Live store Mansfield

Our works involved the stripping of cladding along the entire gable end of the store to enable the subsequent extension programme and installation of new mezzanine flooring. The second phase of the works also included for the dismantling of the Lobby Area for future reuse on site. Following the demolition significant quantities ofconcrete hard standing and foundations were broken out and removed off site for recycling.

This complex project required flexibility and a pro – active project to daily changes in site conditions brought about by the construction process and working in close proximity to other contractors as well as the live Tesco store which remained open and trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the first issues we had to deal with was the live gas supplies located underneath the slab areas to the rear of the retail units. Due to the complex nature of the site conditions we had to design a saw cut and slab removal method to facilitate the removal with the services remaining live.

The second phase of our project included for the removal of roof cladding and stell girders at the rear of the store inclusive of cladding panels to facilitate the opening in the store for the installation of the new mezzanine floor. This included for a berthing study and working adjacent to the main delivery areas for the livestores which were not to be disrupted at any time..

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say