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Demolition and Enabling works

Demolition and Enabling works

Following a rigorous pre-qualification and competitive tender exercise MJ Finnigan Ltd were appointed to carry out a large scale demolition and re mediation project within the confines of the live college campus area in spring 2014. The works included for the demolition of a number of teaching facilities ranging from 3 to 4 storey in height and also including a Theatre Building and Sports Hall and recreation complex.

One of the main concerns of the client was the live nature of the campus and the risks to adjacent buildings, contractors and students.

Key Actions undertook to minimise disruption:

  • “Open Day” talk with the college students. Chaired by MJ Finnigan senior management a discussion was held with pupils informing them of the planned works and the risks of a demolition site. By engaging the students I college from the onset it helped reduce the curiosity factor.
  • Investment in Dust Suppression plant – “Dust Boss” equipment was engaged on site from the outset to minimise impact of dust. No complaints were received. 
  • Careful liaison with the college staff and sequencing of works around the college exam periods (no loud structural demolition would take place in these periods). 
  • Adopt a Good Neighbour Policy and to ensure that works are carried out with a zero tolerance to nuisance and disruption. The designated Site Supervisor also acted as the Liaison Officer during the execution of the work. The site contact telephone number will be displayed for the information of all. 
  • Prior to commencement senior management did a thorough site survey of the surrounding areas to identify the key sensitive “pinch points” which will be subject to condition surveys prior and post demolition to ensure no claims for nuisance or damage. Specific protection incorporated in key sensitive areas l.e dust screens and or scaffold protection crash decks. 

Our experience has demonstrated that by carrying out this approach of engaging all key stakeholders and the local community and in this instance college staff and students from the outset that the public have a sense of inclusion in the project and that any concerns can be mitigated immediately. It is important that the neighbours will have a good relationship with our site management so that they feel they can approach them at any time.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say