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Tullis Russell
Demolition of several buildings on the live manufacturing facility in Bollington

Demolition of several buildings on the live manufacturing facility in Bollington

The site is owned and occupied by Tullis Russell Ltd, a specialist security paper coating company who are involved in the manufacturing and development of high level secure paper used in various sectors including finance.

The contracts was to demolish several of the existing buildings on the site to facilitate the construction of a new specialist machine base and coating hall. The boundary of the proposed construction site is along the northern bank of the River Dean, the edge of the finishes store and the factory offices which are listed and that are to remain.

The scope of works has been developed for the purpose of addressing the following items:

  • A single phase demolition of all of the above ground structures scheduled for removal is to be undertake and taken down to existing ground level and access road levels. 
  • Removal of all existing foundations to facilitate the construction of new foundations and to prevent obstruction/clashing during installation.
  • All existing pits encountered are to be grubbed out, and all retaining conditions are to be minimized, with slopes formed using demolition material where possible, forming 1:2 slopes to ensure stability.
  • All existing foundations and ground slabs are to be removed, and all manholes and gullies are to be protected to ensure that the drainage system continues to be operational on the site.
  • All manholes and gullies are to be protected and their locations recorded by the demolition contractor. 
  • All masonry and concrete material is to be removed from site to a suitable facility for crushing and screened for reuse and used as fill material where possible on the site.
  • Temporary hoardings are to be constructed around the demolition areas, and this hoarding is to be adjusted to ensure that the safe access to the surrounding buildings is maintained during the demolition process.
  • Any vegetation within the site boundary is to be cut down and all stumps removed to prevent regrowth. If the contractor considers that a phased demolition is the most suitable method then this is to be presented as soon as possible to the project coordinator for consideration.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say