Connell and Finnigan Limited was formed by Tom Finnigan and Michael Connell in 1953. The company developed by demolishing the many air raid shelters after the war and working extensively with Manchester and Liverpool City Councils.

The company then rapidly grew in the late fifties and sixties mainly through the demolition of redundant gas works, railway stations, collieries, steel work plantations, and numerous redundant warehouses in city centres across England.

Connell and Finnigan invested heavily in cranes and other plant and machinery for both demolition work and plant hire and by the mid sixties had a fleet of over 60 machines and 35 wagons. The company then made the move from their original base in Ardwick to Duckenfield in Cheshire to a large yard with exclusive office accommodation.

The company continued to grow in the eighties into the largest Demolition and Plant Hire company in the UK, employing over a hundred and fifty men and carrying out major demolition projects for the likes of:-

  • CEGB (later National Power)
  • Powergen
  • Rolls Royce
  • Shell
  • British Rail
  • Transco
  • British Nuclear Fuels
  • CIBA Geigy

The Company successfully removed asbestos and demolished numerous major power stations at Bolton, Chadderton, Stuart Street Manchester, Huddersfield and Cliff Quay Power Station in Ipswich.
The company traded up to 1998 for over 45 years..